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Map and Directions


You will be able to find us on Google Earth and Maps, just type Vista Bonita - Mozambique!  Please do phone us for instructions and directions, especially if it is your first time in Mozambique.  Be careful to stick to the speed limit especially in villages!! Please avoid driving at night if at all possible - local car maintenance (especially lights) is patchy at best and there will be pedestrians all over the roads - accidents are common and frequent. Do not rely solely on your GPS as there are some very narrow dirt tracks that are registered as roads and you may end up with car damage. Stick on the main (tarmac) road to Inhambane for about 20kms past where you turn right off the EN1 at Lindela. You will then see a large vehicle inspection building on your left (photo below) and these signs on your right. That's the start of the "Red Road" where you turn right and the beginning of the last half hour or so of your journey to us - now you can trust your GPS again!

GPS Coordinates: Latitude -  24° 4'48.35"S  Longitude -  35°29'47.11"E



Lebombo Border - Maputo 100km
Maputo - Macia 135km
Macia - Xai Xai 75km
Xai Xai - Lindela 230km
Lindela - Turn off (Red Road) 24km
Red Road - Vista Bonita 23km
Total 587km