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What to do in our area:

The Guinjata/Paindane/Jangamo area where Vista Bonita is situated, is filled to the brim with fun activities and sights to see.  The following are just few of the activities available within a 5km radius of the cottages:

 - Hiking

 - Fishing (Both from the shore or using one of the many charter services available), we will soon also have fishing canoes available.

 - Scuba Diving

 - Snorkelling

 - Whale watching from shore or boat

-  Just enjoying our private beach, with the softest white sand

-  Birding

 - Spearfishing (With the right permits!)

 - Cultural Tours

-  Surfing

-  Kayaking (we have our own boats)

 - Ocean Safaris

 - Sightseeing

 - Partying at the beach bars at some of the neighbouring resorts :)

 - And then there's always just good ol' reading a book while enjoying the spectacular views!!